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Toledo Clinic Highest in Patient Satisfaction

By Tricia Schug

Listening to patient feedback and improving on those suggestions are critical to strengthening our care in our local communities. Each quarter, Samaritan Health Services awards the hospital that improves the most in patient satisfaction.

On Tuesday, June 20, Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital was named “most improved” hospital based on patient satisfaction, and for the first time, a clinic also received the “most improved” award, Samaritan Toledo Clinic. 

CEO Lesley Ogden accepted the awards on behalf of SPCH. 

“This is a big deal and demonstrates that all of our efforts throughout SPCH to improve patient satisfaction are paying off,” she said. “There is a lot of great work going on and I’m proud of that.”

Jennifer Ledbury, manager of Samaritan Toledo Clinic, was also pleased with the award.

“Each of our employees carries a strong work ethic and dedication to our purpose and patients. We truly work as a team,” Ledbury said.  “I feel that each of us believes in what we do for Samaritan and strives to make every interaction with our customers a positive experience.”

With 7,981 visits last year at the clinic, the 12 employees have no shortage of opportunities to make their interactions with patients positive.

Jami Momberger, director of Patient Experience and Engagement for SHS, is a strong proponent of creating positive patient experiences. 

“What I love about the patient experience is that everyone can have an impact on it, and if you’re doing it right, it really stretches your creative muscles,” she said. “Creating a positive patient experience isn’t doing one more thing; it’s just changing how we interact.”

The NRC surveys are sent randomly to patients after they’ve been seen in one of Samaritan’s hospitals or clinics. It asks patients about their experience with their health care provider, as well as their impressions of their hospital or clinic visit. While the survey is a regulatory requirement, it’s also an important tool for improvement.

“If we don’t ask our patients what needs to be done differently, we don’t know how to improve, and that is critically important in health care,” Momberger added.

Congratulations to Samaritan Toledo Clinic staff for their patient satisfaction achievements!