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What Does It Mean to See a Resident Doctor?

When you are looking for a new doctor or walk into one of Samaritan’s resident clinics, you may be wondering … what exactly is a resident?

Residents are doctors that have recently graduated from medical school. They join Samaritan’s Graduate Medical Education program as the next step in their medical career where they continue to learn under the supervision of skilled doctors.

“At Samaritan we not only have doctors who provide excellent patient care, but are also incredible teachers,” said Sugat Patel, MD, Samaritan Infectious Disease – Corvallis. “There is a joy in learning and providing care that becomes a big part of the culture of Samaritan and the patient experience.”

Choosing to see a resident offers patients the benefit of a team approach to their care, with both the resident and the supervising physician involved in their experience. This type of team approach affords patients the highest quality of care in a setting that is open to innovation and learning. 

Appointments with resident physicians are also typically longer, which allows more face-to-face time for them to better get to know you and your health.

Samaritan has residents in 10 different specialties across the system from primary care to surgery.

If you have questions about seeing a resident, talk to your doctor’s office or visit to learn about the different programs or to meet our current residents.