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Diabetes & Varicose Veins: It Can Be Complicated

Millions of people suffer from varicose veins — a bulging of veins in the lower legs that can cause aching and discomfort. For diabetics with varicose veins, the risks are much more serious, and anyone with both conditions needs to take extra precautions.

Diabetes can be hard on the veins that circulate blood throughout the body, especially to the lower legs. Factor in varicose veins, and the risk for leg ulcers increases.

“These are types of ulcers that show up on the surface of the skin, often starting as a discolored spot typically around the ankles,” said Frederic Bahnson, MD, of Samaritan Wound, Vein & Hyperbaric Medicine in Albany.

Dr. Bahnson treats both varicose veins and leg ulcers, as well as other wound and vein conditions.

For varicose veins, he uses a minimally invasive procedure, taking special precautions with any patient who also suffers from diabetes.

“Our multidisciplinary team allows us to address many aspects of these complex and interrelated diseases to get the best outcomes for our patients,” he said.

Most patients gain relief from the heavy and tired sensation that varicose veins can cause. Overall, the bottom line is that both you and your doctor need to keep tabs on your legs and feet.

“If you notice a change, let your doctor know,” said Dr. Bahnson.

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