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What Type of Care Can I Get With an E-Visit?

MyChart E-Visits are a great way to get quick, convenient and secure online care for minor illnesses or injuries, but did you know you can also use E-Visits for other types of care?

Smoking and tobacco cessation

E-Visits can be used for smoking and tobacco cessation. They can provide a convenient and easy way to take the first step to start your journey to quit smoking. At your E-Visit, the provider will help you decide which method is the best fit to help you quit smoking – options include medication like Chantix, nicotine gum, lozenges or patches. You will also get counseling and education about quitting from the provider.


E-Visits can also be used to get contraception. The provider will make sure you are a good candidate for birth control by reviewing your health history. If you are, the provider can help you get a prescription for up to one year of birth control. This includes the oral pill, vaginal ring or the patch. You will also receive counseling and education about your birth control. Other contraception methods, like injections or IUDs, require an office visit.

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