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Samaritan Launches Campaign for New Treatment Facility

By Ian Rollins

Samaritan Health Services, which has been addressing the opioid addiction crisis for several years, is launching a $4-million campaign to build a residential treatment facility for people struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

The Samaritan Treatment and Recovery Services facility has been in the works for more than two years and will be a key piece of Samaritan’s response to President Trump’s recent declaration that opioid addiction is a public health emergency nationwide.

In addition to this declaration, Oregon was ranked as having the sixth-highest addiction rate across the U.S. in a study done by WalletHub earlier this year.

Samaritan will build the 16-bed facility on a site in north Lebanon, at the corner of Santiam Highway and Tangent Street. The facility will also include space for inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.

This will be the first facility in Benton and Linn counties to treat men and women of all ages. It will be open to adults throughout Oregon and will take all insurance plans.

Samaritan had initially planned to finance the construction of this facility. But due to increased taxes imposed on health care organizations by the Oregon Legislature this year, and the anticipated impact on Samaritan’s finances, the organization must raise the construction costs through philanthropy.

The Samaritan hospital foundations in Lebanon, Albany and Corvallis will participate in raising the $4 million.

For more information about the campaign, or to contribute, call Samaritan Foundations at 844-768-4256.