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Lebanon Hospital Offers New Chronic Pain Therapy Program

By Ian Rollins

Anyone living with chronic pain can learn new methods of managing their pain through a group program now offered at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital.

Called Movement, Mindfulness and Pain Science (MMAPS), the program includes physical activity, such as tai chi and yoga, in a group setting. In addition, the program offers mental and physical tools to help change the pain experience. Mental tools include meditation and visualization. Physical tools include walking and deep breathing exercises, which trigger the release of natural drugs produced by the brain that aid in pain control, perception, and healing.

Physical Therapists Veronica Moresi and Sharna Prasad lead the program on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Each session is two hours, and patients should expect to be in the program four to eight weeks before graduating.

The next class will start on Tuesday, Jan. 9. This program requires a referral from the patient’s primary care provider, as well as a physical therapy evaluation to determine if the program would be right for them.

For more information, call Prasad or Moresi at 541-451-7125.