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Provider Joins Samaritan Weight Management Institute

By Amanda Anderson

Samaritan Weight Management Institute is pleased to welcome Erika La Vella, DO. 

Dr. La Vella completed residency training at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. She earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Idaho and a medical degree from Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. 

When asked what motivated her to enter health care, Dr. La Vella said, “I’ve always appreciated the direct relationship that food quality, digestion and lifestyle have on human health. When individuals are healthy, their families and communities around them begin to thrive. For me, bariatric surgery is the perfect blend of everything I love about the medicine I practice and believe in.”

In addition to general surgery, Dr. La Vella is interested in robotic and minimally invasive weight loss procedures. 

In her spare time, Dr. La Vella enjoys reading, gardening and other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. 

Dr. La Vella is accepting patients at Samaritan Weight Management Institute. For more information, call 541-768-4280.