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Samaritan Albany General Hospital Has Lowest Infection Rates

In a recent report published by the Oregon Health Authority looking at hospital acquired infections Samaritan Albany General Hospital comes up as the top-performer. The “Health care-associated infections: 2016 Oregon Annual Report” examines data collected for five types of hospital acquired infections at 61 Oregon hospitals. The Portland Business Journal used the report to calculate the hospital with the lowest average rate of infection and named Samaritan Albany General Hospital the “Least Infected” hospital in the state.

At Samaritan Albany General Hospital all employees are trained to follow infection prevention procedures for their departments and every employee has a role. “From a surgeon to a housekeeper, everyone is involved,” said Daniel Keteri, vice president of patient care. “We try to make sure that all employees understand why they are asked to follow certain procedures, keeping patient health and recovery at the heart of infection prevention."

The hospital also makes an effort to inform patients and family of their role in infection prevention. This includes washing hands upon entering and exiting patient rooms, following isolation procedures and knowing they have the right to verify or ask a provider to wash his or her hands.

“Being strict in following evidence-based practices, and promoting a culture of infection prevention within Samaritan Albany General Hospital, continues to help us keep our infections low,” said Keteri.