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Diabetes Support Group: What's In It for Me?

By Donna Keen, RN, CDE

Living with diabetes can be challenging. You may have been told by your physician or your diabetes educator that you need to eat healthier, take medications, test your blood glucose several times per day, stop smoking, start exercising … and the list goes on and on.

When faced with what feels like a mountain of obstacles, it sometimes seems easier to give up than make the climb. That’s the great thing about a diabetes support group: you are surrounded with people who share your same struggles and fears. 

As your diabetes team, we add to your support group with topics that range from foot care to new and exciting treatments for your diabetes. Our speakers may be doctors, dietitians or even members of community that have information on how to make living with diabetes easier. 

Here are a few of the advantages of attending one of our local support groups:

  1. You’ll feel supported by others with diabetes who understand the struggles.

  2. You’ll gain a sense of empowerment and control by learning about what resources are available to you.

  3. It will take the fear out of diabetes, because you’ll know what to expect during your diabetes journey.

  4. It will reduce anxiety and diabetes burnout while gaining new coping strategies to deal with the stress of diabetes. 

  5. You’ll become an informed patient by learning about the latest research, medications and tools used to improve your quality of life. 

Donna Keen is a nurse, certified diabetes educator and certified foot care specialist with Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital.

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