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New Dietitian Joins Samaritan in Newport

By Tricia Schug

Kandice Abramson, registered dietitian and nutritionist, recently joined the Diabetes Education team at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. She works with patients individually and in groups to help them manage their diabetes.

Originally from western Colorado, Abramson recently completed her master’s degree in dietetics at Illinois State University and looks forward to putting her skills and education to use in helping improve the lives of her patients.

“I really love working with people and I like eating, cooking and wellness activities,” Abramson said. “This work really brings all those things together into one job.

“What I hope from my work is that I can help people improve their quality of life by embracing simple lifestyle changes,” she continued. “When I meet with patients, I help them focus on changes that are sustainable for them — we look at nutrition, we talk about eating carbs or not eating carbs, and I suggest easy ways to get more physical activity. I really want to help people live better.”

Away from the hospital, Abramson can be found exploring the coast and its water, mountains and green spaces.

Abramson can be reached at 541-574-4682.