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Lebanon Hospital Earns High Rating for Avoiding C-Sections

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital is one of three hospitals statewide to earn Consumer Reports’ highest rating for avoiding cesarean sections – the surgical birth procedure known as a C-section.

Consumer Reports gave high ratings to hospitals nationwide with a low percentage of C-sections, and lower ratings to hospitals that did more of the procedure. The agency calculated the rates using hospital billing records and found that C-section rates nationwide varied from 4 to 57 percent of all births. The average rate across the U.S. was 17.6 percent, which would earn a second-lowest rating from Consumer Reports.

The ratings were based on C-section rates for mothers with low-risk deliveries, meaning the mother was at full term and hadn’t had a previous C-section, the baby was properly positioned, and both mom and baby had no health risks.

“We are community hospital and the majority of our patients have low-risk pregnancies, which contributes to our low cesarean section rate,” said Diane Leyba, MD, lead obstetrician/gynecologist for the hospital and its maternity services. “A healthy mother and a healthy baby are always our top priority. We strive to practice evidence-based care and only intervene surgically when necessary.”

Rebecca King, BSN, nurse manager for the hospital’s Girod Birth Center, agreed with Leyba and is pleased with the high rating.

“As a nursing staff, we come alongside and support both patient and provider all working towards the same goal,” King said. “Our top priority is what’s best for the patient, and we’re honored for this high rating from Consumer Reports.”

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