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Physician Residents Graduate to Next Phase of Career

The Samaritan Health Services Graduate Medical Education program will graduate its eighth class of physician residents on Friday, June 15, at Boulder Falls Center in Lebanon.

“As our programs continue to mature and evolve, considerable effort and emphasis have been placed on aligning our educational content with the mission, vision and values of Samaritan,” said Marcus Alderman, director of academic affairs at Samaritan Health Services. “This class truly embodies all that our organization stands for and I’m confident that no matter where they go, they will all make a difference.”

During their time at Samaritan, resident physicians follow curriculum developed by Samaritan in accordance with the American Osteopathic Association and Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education standards. Residents participate in a variety of clinical rotations under the supervision of attending physicians, as well as a number of other educational experiences including lectures, simulations and research.

Since the Graduate Medical Education program’s first graduating class in 2011, 64 residents have chosen to stay and practice medicine in Oregon, and roughly 60 percent have stayed in the Pacific Northwest.

Congratulations to the following residents who are graduating this year:

Family Medicine

Stephanie Bosch, DO
Justin Bruno, DO
Rachel Elsasser, DO
Aaron Erez, DO
Yu Matsumoto, DO
Samuel Milstein, DO
Niki Myers, DO
Elena Styles, DO
Nathanael Weigel, DO

Internal Medicine
Caleb Hedberg, DO
Jennifer Maire, DO
Brittany Olson, DO
Katelyn Austin, DO
Shyam Bhansali, DO
Jeffrey Bulkley, DO
Aaron Chavira, DO
Anne Marie Collum, DO
James Townsend, DO

Robert Duffy, DO
Sydney Harvey, DO
Michelle Hastings, DO
Franklin Urion, DO
William George, DO

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow
Stephen Hubbard, DO

Cardiology Fellows
Benjamin Lee, DO
Lindsay Frye, DO

Traditional Rotating Internship
Lacey Roybal, DO
Kelsey Ferrell, DO
Ryan Willen, DO
Mattie Arseneaux, DO

Lauren Boudreaux, DO
Stephanie Howerter, DO

MOHS Fellow
Benjamin Perry, DO

Orthopedic Surgery
Douglas Blaty, DO
Jun Kim, DO
Stefan Yakel, DO
General Surgery
Melissa Greive, DO
Kelsea Peterman, DO

Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
Sunil Bhat, DO
Michael Watson Jr., DO

Seven physicians from this year’s graduating class will stay on with Samaritan to continue providing care in our communities, including:

Rachel Elsasser, DO – Geary Street Family Medicine – Resident Clinic
Samuel Milstein, DO – Samaritan Urgent Care Walk-in Clinic – Geary Street
Brittany Olson, DO – Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Aaron Chavira, DO – Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
James Townsend, DO – Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center
Anne Marie Collum, DO – Samaritan Internal Medicine – Corvallis
Stephanie Bosch, DO – Samaritan Waldport Clinic

Starting in July, the next class of residents will begin their clinical work with Samaritan Health Services’ Graduate Medical Education program.

three- to five- year Graduate Medical Education residency programs offer training and experience to prepare physicians and surgeons for a successful career caring for patients in the hospital, clinic and other medical settings. Physicians in the program also care for patients at Samaritan facilities. Emphasis on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive patient care creates a solid foundation for new physicians. For more information about the Graduate Medical Education programs of Samaritan Health Services, visit