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Botox Benefits Go Beyond Cosmetic Uses

Migraines run in Breann Boots’ family. The Corvallis woman has spent many hours in the Emergency Department since she was a teenager because her migraines were so severe.

But her headaches might be a thing of the past, thanks to BOTOX® treatments she is receiving from Kevin Day, MD, at Samaritan Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery.

“Dr. Day took me on as a patient after he learned about how I suffered terribly from migraines,” Boots said. “I received my first treatment in December of 2017, and I could already tell a difference within a week or two.”

Botox, a protein from the bacterium clostridium botulinum, acts as a muscle relaxant. Dr. Day said the protein is a good treatment for migraines that are triggered by muscle compression of the sensory nerves and neck.

“I see at least some improvement in migraine symptoms in almost every patient I treat,” said Dr. Day, who estimates that he’s treated 30 to 40 patients with Botox since joining Samaritan in 2011.

In Boots’ case, she has had two treatments and hasn’t experienced a migraine since the second treatment.

“It’s been completely worth it,” Boots said. “If you suffer from migraines, this treatment option is definitely for you!”

The muscle-relaxant properties of Botox can also help with overactive bladder conditions. Layron Long, MD, of Samaritan Urology, has been treating patients for three years with Botox and reports a 98 percent success rate.

“It’s about a five-minute procedure where I inject the directly into the bladder,” Dr. Long said. “It takes a few injections to find the best dosage for the patient, but most of my patients have been extremely happy with the results.”

Dr. Long remembers one patient who rarely left home because of incontinent issues.

“That was the most severe case I’ve seen, and that patient now has a very active social life,” Dr. Long said.

For more information about migraine treatment with Botox, call Samaritan Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery at 541-768-4370.

For more information about overactive bladder treatments, call Samaritan Urology at 541-768-5486.