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Samaritan Employees in Albany Granted Scholarships

The Albany General Hospital Foundation (AGHF) awarded $7,305 in scholarships to 14 recipients through its employee scholarship program.

The Foundation scholarship committee reviews applications and awards funds to recipients who are attending educational conferences, training courses or taking professional exams.

“The Albany General Hospital Foundation is excited to help hospital and clinic staff advance their career and professional goals, which in turn enhances patient care,” said Jennifer Stanaway, executive director of AGHF.

The employee scholarship program is supported through gifts from employees during the Samaritan Employee Caring Campaign and community donors.

“This year we had more requests than usual, thanks to many generous gifts we were able to grant all requests that met the requirements,” said Stanaway.

This year’s recipients:

Julie Ahrendt
Alicia Baca
Whitney Buckley
Angie Gallagher
Toni Goertzen
Kymberlin Hoggard
Jill Luttrell
Catherine Marion
Angela Martinez
Melinda Papen
Peggy Ridley
Kelly Sautel
Debby Stalley
Suzanne Watkins

Additional opportunities for scholarships will take place this fall. Any questions should be directed to Jennifer Stanaway at or 541-812-4705.