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Pile Driving Starts on Replacement Hospital

With excavation and rock fill nearly complete, pile driving began Wednesday, Aug. 22, on the campus of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

Construction on the 52,000-square-foot replacement hospital began on July 9, directly east of the existing building. Beginning Aug. 22, a subcontractor (DeWitt Construction) will install 91 precast concrete piles to support the foundation of the new building. During installation, each pile is hammered into the ground until it hits bedrock, about 70-80 feet deep. This work will take place Monday through Thursday, 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., with an occasional Friday and Saturday as needed. It will be completed by Sept. 19.

“During construction, it is our goal to be good neighbors and for everyone’s hospital experience to remain as quiet and comfortable as possible,” said hospital Chief Executive Officer Lesley Ogden, MD. “However, at times during a project of this size, a bit of noise and vibration cannot be avoided.”

Precautions are in place, she added. Project staff have coordinated with the local medical helicopter service and the U.S. Coast Guard to alert them to the presence of a crane. It is also possible to pause pile driving when needed to avoid unnecessary vibrations during sensitive surgeries or procedures.

When on campus, you can view a live video feed of the construction activity on TV monitors located in the emergency waiting area and the hospital cafeteria. Also, you can go online to for progress reports and to view a time-lapse video of the construction zone.