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Five Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

If you still think plastic surgery is just for the celebrities in supermarket tabloids and reality shows, you’re missing out. The number of people choosing to have surgery to improve the signs of aging or alter a feature that has always bothered them is rising especially among men and women who just want to look refreshed.

“I notice men coming in more often than they used to and asking about eyelid surgery or a facelift,” said Richard Havard, MD, FACS. “With the way the plastic surgery field has advanced we can make subtle improvements that reduce the sign of aging by 5 to 10 years, which also appeals to many women.”

Before you schedule your consultation, here are five things Dr. Havard makes sure every patient understands:

1. Expectations. What are you hoping to gain in life from the procedure? The patients who are the most satisfied are the ones who have a procedure for themselves, not to please a significant other or because they think they’ll feel better about themselves afterward.

2. Alternatives. Surgery offers the most significant and long-lasting results, but non-surgical procedures such as Botox, fillers or topical skin treatments shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Results. Do you have realistic expectations of what you’ll look like after? How will you feel if you have scars? 

4. Risks. Plastic surgery is surgery. The risk of complications exists.

5. Cost. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by most insurance plans. Make sure you get a comprehensive list of expenses from the surgeon, hospital, and any after-care that could be required.

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