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Samaritan Seeks Patients for Advisory Council

Samaritan Health Services invites community members to serve as patient advisors to help enhance services provided at the hospital. 

Patient advisors are part of ongoing efforts to improve patient satisfaction, provide feedback for health care providers and promote a better understanding of health care among patients and the community. Patient advisors are asked to serve one to two-year terms, attending periodic Patient and Family Advisory Council meetings, to share patient and family member perspectives, and provide honest feedback. This commitment requires about 1-4 hours each month.

Anyone, age 18 or older, who has been a patient or has had a family member who was a patient at Samaritan Health Services within the last three years is encouraged to apply to be a patient advisor. Other qualifications include the ability to listen and communicate well, look beyond his or her own health care experiences to assist others in their health and wellness needs, contribute in a productive way, respect diverse perspectives and opinions and maintain patient and family privacy outside the health care setting. 

To apply for a patient advisor position, please contact the Service Excellence Team at 541-812-5859 or