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Hospice House Trellises Hold a Special Meaning

The peaceful green landscaping at Samaritan Evergreen Hospice House has a new addition. Among the flowers, ferns and trees, several trellises and trailing flowers now beautify the property.

“The trellis project started with a simple request from a donor who wished to honor their loved one,” explains Jennifer Stanaway, director of the Albany General Hospital Foundation. “With four trellises now up, it has quickly transformed into a beautiful focal piece for many of the patient rooms.”

“Purchasing a trellis offers a more permanent way for loved ones to memorialize someone they have lost while also contributing to the beauty of the Evergreen Hospice House grounds,” said Melinda Papen, director of Samaritan Evergreen Hospice.

The trellis wall will eventually surround the back perimeter of the Hospice House and will provide a soothing visual element for patients and families. Donors can choose to purchase a trellis or other landscape features such as boulders or plants as a tribute to their loved one.

Hospice also has many other ways for individuals to honor their loved one. The annual Light up a Life remembrance event that takes place each November and a bouquet-building event held the week before Memorial Day are just a few of the ways individuals can remember and honor friends or family members.

Read more about Hospice or contact your local Samaritan hospice facility at 541-812-4662. To donate in memory of a loved one please contact Jennifer Stanaway at the Albany General Hospital Foundation at or 541-812-4705.