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Winery Owner Regains Hand Mobility Without Surgery

Steve Jewell-Larsen, who owns a local winery with his wife and two other couples, suffered for years from Dupuytren’s flexion contracture, a hand deformity that affects the ability to straighten fingers and worsens with time.

“It’s the funny little things you don’t even think about,” recalled Jewell-Larsen, “like not being able to put your hand in your pocket.”

Last spring, Jewell-Larsen decided it was time to address his condition and looked to Hand Surgeon Erin Campaigniac, MD, for treatment.

“Dupuytren’s happens when the tissues under the skin of your palm begin forming knots, creating a thick cord that can pull your fingers inward,” explained Dr. Campaigniac.“Eventually, many people can’t straighten their fingers completely.”

“I had deep grooves, and I could only get my fingers about halfway open,” Jewell-Larsen said.

While surgery may be ideal for some, many Dupuytren’s cases can be treated with an in-office procedure that requires very little recovery. This minimally invasive procedure was the route that Jewell-Larsen chose.

“It’s a two-day procedure where you come in one day for enzyme injections in the affected area to help soften the tissue, then the next day, you come in and have the area manipulated to break up the hard tissue,” explained Dr. Campaigniac.

“The results are amazingly fast,” said Jewell-Larsen. “The team was delightful, and the procedure isn’t nearly as bad as you’d think. Don’t wait as long as I did!”

Dr. Campaigniac specializes in hand and wrist surgeries. She treats patients of all ages, for chronic conditions such as Dupuytren’s flexion contractures, in Corvallis. To request more information, call 541-768-6300.