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SamCare at Work Creates Healthier Workplaces

Not all workplaces are the same. Workplace wellness initiatives shouldn’t be, either.

That’s why SamCare at Work offers many options to meet employee wellness goals and business needs.

Want to have on-site Zumba? Conduct a wellness culture assessment? Need health insurance for small or large employer groups? SamCare at Work can help.

SamCare at Work offers much more than occupational medicine services, such as drug screens, care for injured workers and fitness-for-duty evaluations.

Just ask ATI, which partners with SamCare at Work for many of its workplace wellness needs.

“SamCare at Work has been a great addition to the team,” said Stephanie O’Connor, human resources manager at ATI.

Safety is a core value at ATI. Samaritan provides a physical therapist who works at ATI’s four Oregon locations to develop programs and practices to keep employees healthy and working safe.

With SamCare at Work, ATI can be more proactive in preventing accidents and injuries. In a production environment, there’s a lot of pushing and lifting, which can be hard on the upper body, shoulders, back, arms and hands. SamCare at Work as helped ATI assess job functions, look at ergonomics and body mechanics, and implement a stretching program.

Samaritan is a recognized leader in employee wellness initiatives, and has received multiple state and national awards as a healthy employer. With SamCare at Work, employers are learning from Samaritan’s experts about how to take a comprehensive approach to create healthier workplaces.

To learn more about the services Samaritan Health Services offers that would benefit employers in promoting a healthy workforce, visit