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CARDV Honors Sarah's Place Nurse

Rebecca Moyes, sexual assault nurse examiner at Sarah’s Place, was named the 2018 Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice, by the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV).

Moyes spends most of her work time on community education. She has developed a curriculum around prevention and education of sexual violence and has partnered with CARDV to teach topics about healthy relationships in local high schools.

“We cover really difficult subject matter and CARDV is there in case a student needs someone to talk to or confide in,” said Moyes. “They can refer the students to a lot of great resources and because our services are so cohesive, we work well together.”

“It’s pretty exciting,” said Kelly Renshaw, CARDV advocate and fellow class leader. “We are connected to far more teens and are able to share programming that will affect the way teens view relationships.”

“The award is given for those who go above and beyond in their role to support survivors or change the culture. Rebecca has done both. In addition to providing medical services to survivors in our community, Rebecca has led, in partnership with CARDV, over 100 presentations for high school students,” said Renshaw.

Together the pair has presented to most high schools in Benton and Linn counties. “We have even had requests from administrators to integrate curriculum into other classes so that students are receiving the information over multiple years,” said Moyes.

Moyes says that teaching the curriculum is a favorite part of her job. “We are teaching prevention to our future lawmakers, leaders and parents. The education they are receiving now can create a culture of change for future generations,” said Moyes.

Renshaw noted that Moyes’ service to our community is invaluable. “Statistically 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will experience some form of sexual assault before they turn 18. Also, most students will be in a position at some point where a friend or family member discloses assault to them. Thanks to Rebecca, now they know how to support that someone, now they know the medical and advocacy resources available, now they know that it wasn’t the victim’s fault.”

Moyes is the third Sarah’s Place staff member to receive the Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice Award. It is the highest honor given to a community member by CARDV.