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Garry Shares Tips for Weight Loss Surgery Success

“Weight loss surgery allowed me to lose excess weight, but my exercise regime is what has kept it off for six years,” said Garry Plotts, 65, of Lyons.

Being heavy was something Plotts always struggled with, and as years progressed, it got harder to lose weight. He had reached a top weight of 316 pounds, had hip pain, ankle pain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Plotts was using a sleep apnea machine, he suffered from acid reflux and had been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. According to Plotts, he was one doctor’s visit away from being put on insulin and knew something needed to change in his life.

Plotts knew several people who had lost weight and became healthy after undergoing weight loss surgery.

“I visited several bariatric clinics in the region, and decided on Samaritan Weight Management Institute based on their high-quality care team and the comprehensive nature of their program,” said Plotts.

Plotts underwent robotic-assisted gastric bypass surgery performed by Don Yarbrough, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Samaritan Weight Management Institute.

Since his surgery, Plotts has maintained focus on a healthy weight.

“Each day I swim between one and two miles, and I regularly attend CrossFit classes,” said Plotts.

Plotts has lost 140 pounds, went from a size 46 to 34 pant and 3X to a large T-shirt. His prior health issues are also a thing of the past.

He shared this advice after thinking about his own journey.

“Weight loss surgery is a wonderful option,” said Plotts. “But once you have the surgery, you must commit to adding some form of exercise to your life to stay healthy and maintain your weight loss goals.”

Plotts also stressed the importance of regular follow-up appointments with the dietitians and physicians, attending a support group and following the instructions outlined by Samaritan Weight Management Institute.

“I always leave support group meetings with helpful information. I also consider it my responsibility to offer insight to those considering weight loss surgery, and whether it’s the right path for them too,” he said.

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