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Don't Take the Winter Off From Exercise

By Heidi Womack, RN

Do you find it more difficult to exercise in the fall and winter months? Does the gray, wet weather make you feel like staying inside on the couch?

It can be a bigger challenge to stay active in the colder months, but it’s just as important to keep moving no matter the season or weather. Here are some tips for staying active during the winter:

Take It Inside

You can move your muscles in the house, too! Try exercising in a chair; you can stay warm and still get all the benefits of a traditional workout. Try drawing letters or shapes with your legs and then arms while you are watching TV. You can use just your arms and legs or add in some light weights or resistance bands for extra resistance. Check out free websites like YouTube for free workout videos you can do in your living room. 

Get Involved

Check out your local senior or community center for group exercises. Many senior centers also have workout equipment you can use for free. Check with your insurance company to see if they offer free or reduced memberships at the gym or the pool. Get together with a friend and walk around your favorite store.

Stay Healthy

If you notice that you have less energy in the winter, check with your doctor about a vitamin D test. Make sure to wash your hands and get your flu shot each year so you can stay healthy and active. Continue to eat a balanced diet to fuel your mind and body and keep your energy levels up.

Exercise is one of the best medicines we have. Make sure you get your daily dose!

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