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Get the Most From Your Skin Care Routine

With so many products and treatments available, choosing the right skin care routine can be complicated and confusing. Tabatha Pratt, LA, who provides aesthetic services at Samaritan Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery in Corvallis, provides answers to common skin care questions.

What’s Your Top Tip for Taking Care of My Skin?

A simple routine of cleaning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen is great for most people. A monthly facial, which follows your skin’s life cycle, provides exfoliation, deep cleaning and hydration.

How Can I Maximize My Skin Care Routine?

We all crave instant results. But with skin care, patience and consistency is key. Give new products or regimens at least six week, but up to three months to take effect. And follow the specific instructions for each product.

Do I Need to Wear Sunscreen Every Day?

Yes, even in rainy, cloudy conditions. Everyone should protect their skin from the harmful rays that can lead to many skin issues, including skin cancer.

How Do I Know My Skin Type?

A skin consultation can be very helpful. An aesthetician can determine what factors affect your skin and perform a
skin analysis.

To request a free skin consultation, call or stop by Samaritan Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery today, 541-768-4370.