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Boost Vitamin D When the Sun Isn't Shining

By Sally Beggs, FNP

Vitamin D is essential to your overall health. It’s a vital nutrient that helps your body build strong bones and muscles. Try these tips to help boost your levels:

  1. Spend time in the outdoors - you can still absorb vitamin D even on cloudy days. Keep in mind sunscreen can block absorption of vitamin D and too much sun can lead to skin cancer, so be cautious of your sun exposure.
  2. Add foods that are high in vitamin D to your diet: egg yolks, mushrooms and fatty fish such as halibut, salmon, trout and tuna.
  3. Include fortified foods in your diet. Foods such as cheese, milk, orange juice and cereals often have extra nutrients added.
  4. Start taking a tablespoon of cod liver oil to get a big vitamin D punch.
  5. Take a vitamin D supplement – be sure to talk with your provider before starting any new supplement regimen.
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