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Use Your Inner Power to Tackle Stress

Growing up, did you ever hear your parent say, “Mind over matter?” They may have been on to something. Mindfulness has gained the attention of medical providers and researchers who are looking for ways to help people control stress, anxiety, weight, pain, insomnia and more.

“Mindfulness is a type of meditation anyone can learn. It’s paying attention to what you’re thinking and feeling in the present moment — free of judgment — without dwelling on the past or the future,” said Bella Vasoya, PsyD, of Samaritan Weight Management Institute. “Mindfulness helps you quiet your body and mind and focus on your breathing, emotions and well-being.”

Mindfulness meditation is a simple, yet powerful daily routine. There are many ways to do it and even a couple minutes a day will help reduce stress and anxiety. Dr. Vasoya suggested the following ideas to get you started:

  • Breathing – At the core of mindfulness is deep, rhythmic, calming breaths.
    Take frequent breaks throughout your day and focus on your breathing.
  • Do what brings you joy! –  Draw, paint, dance, sing, write or play a musical instrument. 
  • Take in the beauty of your surroundings – really “see” what’s in front of you – drink in the sounds, sights and smells around you.
  • Breathe, stay present, be mindful. You can do it!