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Samaritan OB-GYN Earns National Honors for VBAC Success Rate

Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology – Corvallis has been recognized by the American College of Nurse-Midwives for high success rates in 2019 for vaginal birth after cesarean section (also known as VBAC).

The clinic was just one of three nationwide with more than 500 births a year receiving a Best Practice award for a high VBAC success rate. This honor follows a 2018 Best Practice award recognizing a low C-section rate of 11% for first-time moms with one baby in a head-down position (referred to as nulliparous term singleton vertex or NTSV).

“Though C-sections can be a lifesaving tool for both mother and baby, it is important to keep the rates low by preventing unnecessary C-sections,” said Certified Nurse Midwife Emily Zeno Yeast of Samaritan Obstetrics & Gynecology. “C-section births result in longer hospital stays and increased rates of respiratory problems for newborns – as well as long-term effects on the infant’s microbiome of which we are only beginning to understand the implications. For mothers, risks of C-section include higher rates of hemorrhage and need for transfusions, infections and blood clots. Each subsequent C-section increases the risk of major complications like hysterectomy, uterine rupture and even maternal death.

“At a time when fewer and fewer hospitals are offering VBAC as an option to women, we take pride in being able to provide this care,” Zeno Yeast said. “Our midwives, obstetricians and anesthesiologists have come together to ensure that we can provide safe care for a woman in labor with a history of C-section. We attribute our success with this metric to our collaborative model of care.”

Zeno Yeast detailed the ways each group contributes to the low C-section rates:

  • Midwives: “Our clinic’s eight certified nurse-midwives are experts in normal pregnancy and childbirth, advocating for and supporting each woman, remaining present for and patient with the labor process.”
  • Physicians: “Our obstetricians collaborate with and support the midwives in providing care. They value patient autonomy and preferences and utilize their skills and training to keep moms and babies safe. The anesthesiologists at GSRMC are committed to providing skilled care to our mothers, and to being immediately available should they be needed.”
  • Labor and Delivery nurses: “Their constant, caring presence ensures our patients are safe and supported. They are our best allies and colleagues in providing personalized care to mothers, babies and families.”

“Our midwives and physicians, in coordination with Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center’s Labor and Delivery staff, make it a priority to help all women have individualized and safe birthing experiences,” said Zeno Yeast.  “The close collaboration between midwives and physicians helps us provide the best possible care, and this recognition is just another example of our excellent outcomes.”

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