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Consider Reconstruction Options in Advance of Mastectomy

The same breast reconstruction techniques used by surgeons at the most renowned centers in the world are available to women in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. Samaritan’s board-certified plastic surgeons are experienced in multiple techniques and work closely with surgical, medical and radiation oncology teams to offer optimal care and help women return to feeling whole again.

“We can do most types of breast reconstruction,” said Kevin Day, MD, plastic and reconstructive surgeon with Samaritan.

Recent advances in surgical techniques have improved patient outcomes, allowing women to achieve a normal appearance in clothing and swimwear.

After a breast cancer diagnosis, women can learn about reconstruction options at a preoperative appointment.

“We go over all the options available,” Dr. Day said.

Breast reconstruction can be achieved through implants or the use of a person’s own tissues. Not every technique is suitable to everyone, and Samaritan’s reconstructive surgeons help each patient discover which technique(s) best meets her individual goals.

The initial reconstruction surgery is often performed at the same time as breast cancer surgery. The best results with implant-based reconstruction are often achieved in two-stages, beginning with a tissue expander and implant placement, revisions and finishing procedures done after recovery from the initial breast surgery.

Many patients are able to resume activities after about six weeks. Routine checkups are encouraged to address any concerns that may arise. The goal is for women to return to a normal lifestyle with no visible evidence of reconstruction while wearing clothing and minimal scarring.

Dr. Day said safety and patient satisfaction guide his practice.

“I am always in awe of my patients and how they approach this procedure with so much strength,” he said.

Kevin Day, MD, practices at Samaritan Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgery along with his colleague Richard Havard, MD, FACS, and can be reached at 541-768-4370.