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Make the Right Choices With a Little Medicare Education

If you’re approaching age 65, or retirement, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the future of your health insurance coverage. Medicare benefits will create a lot of new opportunities, but will coverage from Original Medicare alone be enough?

You’ve got some decisions to make. Here are a few things to consider which can help you make the right decisions for you and your health.

Get to know the Medicare timeline.

Be aware of these important deadlines as you approach Medicare eligibility.

At age 64 - or approximately one year prior to retirement:

Learn how Medicare insurance works — along with what is and isn’t covered under Original Medicare.

At age 64 + 9 months:

Enroll early. You can enroll in Original Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan as early as three months before your 65th birthday.

At age 65 - retirement:

Start enjoying your Medicare benefits.

At age 65 + 3 months:

Last chance! Make sure you are enrolled to avoid paying a late enrollment penalty.

Ask yourself some guided questions.

  • How much health care do you anticipate using next year?
  • Will you want coverage for prescription drug costs?
  • Are you likely to need health care coverage away from home when you travel?
  • Are you willing to pay higher monthly premiums to reduce out-of-pocket costs?

Call and ask for help.

Medicare can be confusing, and there is a lot to consider. If you have questions, Samaritan has local Medicare experts available and ready to help. Jot down your questions and call 866-747-5267 to receive friendly Medicare advice with no obligation.

You’ll learn a lot, and it will make the Medicare road ahead seem a little less daunting.