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Heart to Heart Winter/Spring 2021

This issue of Samaritan Health Services’ Heart to Heart magazine features two incredible women -- one who returned to living life without pain medications and another who is the first to receive Samaritan’s transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure. Be encouraged as you read their stories.

You’ll also learn about work being done to quickly treat stroke patients when they reach the hospital, signs of stroke, and how a man who suffered a stroke was treated with a drug called alteplase restoring blood flow to his brain. His speech returned an hour later and after two days when he left the hospital, he could walk, talk and drive as usual.

During these COVID-19 times, you might be feeling lonely. To understand why and how to address it, a Samaritan psychologist walks you through the process. Other articles provide helpful tips for protecting newborns from COVID, what to do if your child has an ear infection and how to find support for complex health issues. You can also find food swaps to make your recipes healthier, ideas for hobbies to improve your health, and considerations for losing weight.

Finally, the InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care Organization awarded more that $1 million for health care projects in our region. Read about the many pilot projects working to improve quality, cost and access to health care including a community doula program, a hepatitis C virus outreach program, a partnership for oral health and more!

Heart to Heart is your local guide to good health from Samaritan Health Services. Read inspiring stories and get ideas on how you can be part of building healthier communities together.