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da Vinci Robot Arrives at Samaritan Albany General Hospital

Samaritan Albany General Hospital has brought online a da Vinci Xi with the E-100 generator robot to assist with laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries. The robot offers the most up-to-date technology the medical field has to offer and will benefit both patients and surgeons.

The da Vinci surgical system is operated with advanced wristed instruments and a 3D high-definition view of the surgical area. This allows for finer, more precise movements and smaller incisions. It reduces complications and risk of bleeding, resulting in a much shorter hospital stay. Many patients often go home within 24 hours.

The robot is controlled from a sitting position, providing relief to the body and extending the longevity of a doctor’s career. It proves to reduce surgeon fatigue, increase concentration and enable self-assist tactics.

“Robotic-assisted surgery is becoming more standard of care for certain types of surgical procedures.,” said Paul Daskalos, DO, gynecologic surgeon, Samaritan Albany General Hospital board of directors chairman. “It gives our patients more options with many benefits. Having these advanced tools allow us to provide exceptional care to our community.”

The hospital currently has six surgeons trained on the da Vinci robot, with plans to train more. Procedures using the robot include bariatric, hernia and colorectal surgeries, as well as urologic and gynecologic procedures.

“We are pleased to be able to offer safer, more efficient procedures locally to our Albany and other Linn county patients,” said April Jensen, DO, general surgeon. “The less invasive technique minimizes time under anesthesia and allows for a quicker recovery.”

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The da Vinci robot operating room was funded by the Albany General Hospital Foundation. To learn more about other projects being funded by Samaritan Foundations, visit