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Preschool Classroom Has Vacancies for Qualifying Families

Samaritan Early Learning Center currently has vacancies in its Preschool Promise classroom for pre-kindergarten children at least 3 years of age and living in families with income at 200% of federal poverty guidelines.

“As our local businesses return to more regular operations, working parents will be searching for dependable child care,” said Barbara Dougherty, director of the Samaritan Early Learning Center, located on the campus of Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital. 

“This is a wonderful opportunity to provide free and high-quality preschool to the many children in our community who generally are not able to access these services,” Dougherty said.

Samaritan Early Learning Center was awarded $224,000 by the Oregon Department of Education Early Learning Division in the initial round of funding of Preschool Promise grants. These funds allow Samaritan Early Learning Center to offer 18 slots in their early childhood learning programs to qualifying families.

“The funding pays for staff, supplies, curriculum and other program operating costs, which are usually funded from tuition charged to families. Having this grant funding will allow us to continue to operate a high-quality early learning program without having to charge families who qualify for free tuition,” she said.

For complete information and an application, visit or contact the coordinated enrollment specialist.