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Heart to Heart Spring/Summer 2021

This issue of Samaritan Health Services’ Heart to Heart magazine features two community members whose lives were saved by quick intervention: an emergency room volunteer who found herself in that very team’s care, and a man at the wheel of a truck when he lost consciousness.

Meet an LGBTQIA2S+ transgender volunteer who found safe and compassionate health care and find out about Samaritan’s equity and inclusion efforts to treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Get tips and resources on creating a healthy work environment in your own home. There’s also information on choosing a midwife; a gut-healing diet and a delicious recipe; and know when to choose a telemedicine visit or a trip to your doctor’s office.

Learn about the efforts to vaccinate the community and read the story of two providers whose work during the pandemic ultimately led to changes in the CDC quarantine guidelines.

Samaritan is always working to provide the latest techniques as well. You can read about the addition of a da Vinci robot for minimally invasive surgeries; how to use your MyChart dashboard; and how adding a new linear accelerator, the Varian Truebeam® Edge™, is now providing the most advanced therapy for cancer patients.

Heart to Heart is your local guide to good health from Samaritan Health Services. Read inspiring stories and get ideas on how you can be part of building healthier communities together.