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Samaritan Treatment Recovery Services Reopens

After closing its doors in September due to a temporary staffing shortage, the Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services residential program is back up and running. On Monday, Dec. 6, the facility welcomed new residents with a full staff who are ready to safely care for the needs of the community.

With a more robust staff including positions from intake specialists and counselors to cooks and housekeepers, Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services is focusing on comprehensive treatment. More than 15 different roles are working collaboratively as a team to provide the best possible care.

“It is important for us to have a team approach while caring for our residents,” said addictions counselor LaMonte Morgan, CADC. “Having a team with diverse experiences creates an opportunity for patients to connect with positive, supportive people for encouragement on their journey into recovery from substance use.”

Joining the larger staff is a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN). Lisa Poulson, RN, CARN is the first nurse within Samaritan Health Services to achieve this title and specializes in treating those with substance use disorders. After two years as a dialysis nurse at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center, Poulson is excited about her new journey with the treatment and recovery team.

“There is a sense of reverence and deep empathy in assisting patients along their path to sobriety,” said Poulson. “I knew little about substance use disorders before making the leap over to addiction medicine, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.”

Ana Lame, RN, a nurse coordinator at Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services, is actively working towards a bachelor’s in nursing and becoming a CARN.

“I know people who struggle with addiction and have seen them at their best and worst,” said Lame. “I went into this field to broaden my knowledge, understanding and skills to provide exceptional care to our community.”

The expertise of Poulson and Lame elevates the level of care offered at Samaritan Treatment & Recovery Services.

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