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Heart to Heart Winter/Spring 2022

This issue of Samaritan Health Services’ Heart to Heart magazine features a family man who contracted COVID-19 before vaccines were available, faced an 80% mortality rate (in the U.S.) and beat the odds. There’s another patient who broke the road rules and shattered his ankle but defied all the odds when he got back on his bike after being told he probably wouldn’t walk without a brace again. There’s also the beautiful story of a man facing heart failure and his fellow fisherman, his cardiologist, who made his dream of fishing one more time come true.

Learn about options to live a quality life with chronic conditions, how to thrive while managing diabetes and why anger might be affecting your heart health. Dive into a plant-based bowl of soup rich on flavor and good for your heart while reading up on omega-3 and getting tips on how to get more of these heart-healthy nutrients into your diet.

Find out how patients are being connected to critical services like the partial hospitalization program that is providing treatment for mental health crisis. Read about how Bravery Center, the results of a pilot project with InterCommunity Health Network Coordinated Care (IHN-CCO), is providing safety for vulnerable youth in the LBGTQ+ community. Read about the Samaritan Care Hub and how their efforts likely saved a man living in terrible conditions after having a double lung transplant.

Finally come away with tips on how to maximize on your health plan benefits you might not even know you have, get community resources for living a healthier life and stay informed on how the goals of community health are being furthered through fundraising by the five local Samaritan foundations.

Heart to Heart is your local guide to good health from Samaritan Health Services. Read inspiring stories and get ideas on how you can be part of building healthier communities together.