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Four Samaritan Employees Receive Ignite Awards

Samaritan President & CEO Doug Boysen, JD, MHA has announced Ignite Award recipients: Sheryl Miller, Joanna Peterson, Jeanne Seelye and Tami West. Miller is a reimbursement specialist supporting Samaritan Albany General Hospital. The other three award winners are all from Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center including, Peterson a social service case management lead, Seelye an emergency department manager and West a labor and delivery nurse.

The Ignite Award was established as part of Samaritan’s commitment to strengthen employee recognition and appreciation efforts. All Shining Star recipients are considered for the Ignite Award, with the determination being made on a quarterly basis by the Employee Engagement Committee. Ignite recipients are selected based on the information contained in their Shining Star recognition and an assessment of how their actions reflect the award criteria outlined below:

  1. Demonstrated evidence of Samaritan PRIDE;
  2. Example(s) of going “above and beyond” the assigned job duties;
  3. Example(s) of proactively interacting with patients, visitors and/or co-workers; and
  4. Example(s) of representing Samaritan Health Services in an exemplary manner through engaging with community partners, serving on various boards/committees, or other means.

Below are the nominations for Miller, Peterson, Seelye and West:

Miller (nominated by Kimerly Fletcher and Kymberlin Wobig): “We had a very busy day in the ED and Sheryl really came through. We were transferring three patients out at the same time and there were no beds in Oregon up and down the Valley, so we had to transfer to Washington. Sheryl managed to arrange transportation and find beds for all three of these patients while continuing to do everything that she does. Thank you, Sheryl, for all you do!”     

Peterson (nominated by Candy Cantamessa): “We recently had a patient with a complex medical condition that required an extended stay. Joanna stepped in to assist everyone from the patient, spouse, family, direct care teams and Case Management in navigating his stay. Due to Joanna’s professionalism, compassion and consistent attempts to bond with the patient and family, she was able to progress the case to a successful discharge. I truly believe that without Joanna this patient and family would have continued to emotionally suffer. We have been so very lucky to have Joanna as part of our Case Management team. She is truly an exceptional example of our Samaritan PRIDE.”

 Seelye (nominated by Laura Hennum): “On one particularly busy day, Jeanne was called in to work at 3 a.m. to help her staff with multiple traumas. That her staff would call upon her to come in speaks volumes to her commitment and consistent display of integrity. For an extended period of time, Jeanne also relocated to a trailer nearby during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure she could support her staff in the Emergency Department.”

 West (nominated by Jenni Copeland): “Tami was caring for a patient who was in a very difficult situation. After realizing we had a lack of resources for certain supplies that we normally don’t carry, Tami took the initiative to make some positive changes for our patients. She had supplies at home and also purchased additional ones to create bags for women that include shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, deodorant and other necessities. Tami and her daughter put these kits together for our patients. This goes above and beyond, and we so appreciate Tami for showing her Samaritan PRIDE.  Thank you!”