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MRI Expansion Work Moves Inside Hospital

Work is progressing nicely on the 2,500-square-foot MRI addition at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital, with crews moving inside the hospital Feb. 14 through March 21 to perform the next phase of work.

Angel Serrato, director of Plant Services and Engineering, said crews will be running mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology lines from the hospital to the new building site, which connects to the hospital directly north of the emergency entrance. Planning between hospital departments is underway to ensure minimal disruption and continuity of care for patients during the interior work.

For one week, Feb. 14 to 21, the main public hallway leading to inpatient rooms will be partially enclosed for this work but access will not be blocked. Also, one of the three public restrooms located in that hallway will be closed. Once work in this area is done, crews will move into non-public areas to complete their work.

The MRI addition will blend seamlessly with the interior and exterior design of the hospital. It will house the magnetic resonance imaging system, patient restroom, patient consultation room and separate restroom facilities for all patients and visitors.

Project costs total $4.3 million. This includes approximately $1 million to purchase the Siemens open bore MRI system and $3.3 million for design and construction by Gerding Builders, LLC. Construction began in January and will be done by mid-September.

MRI services have been offered at the hospital for many years. The current MRI equipment has reached the end of its service life and is located in an ancillary building on campus, away from the hospital. Once completed, the MRI expansion to the hospital will increase patient access and convenience.

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