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What Is the Significance of Blue in March?

During the month of March, staff at the Samaritan Cancer Resource Center are doing their part to help raise awareness about colorectal cancer by offering blue buttons to community members to wear, plus so much more. 

Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer related deaths in the U.S. in men and in women. It is estimated that one in 23 men and one in 25 women will develop colorectal cancer in their lifetimes. 

Coupled with the blue button is a crossword puzzle so individuals may test their knowledge about colorectal cancer, while also having the opportunity to win a prize. All are welcome to participate, and prizes will be awarded to the first 15 people who provide a complete and correct crossword puzzle to the Samaritan Cancer Resource Center – so the earlier you pick up your awareness packet, the increased odds of winning (packets will be available Thursday, March 3). Accepted entries include a physical copy of the completed puzzle returned to the Albany or Corvallis resource center locations or for participants who live further away, email a picture to

There is good news about colorectal cancer – it is preventable, beatable and can be treatable when caught early. It is recommended that men and women at average risk of this disease start regular screening at age 45. Several screening options are available for colorectal cancer. No matter which test you choose, the most important thing is to get tested. 

To get involved and help raise awareness about colorectal cancer, stop by any of the following locations to collect your blue button and crossword puzzle. Buttons, crossword puzzles, plus other resources will be available starting Thursday, March 3: 

  • Albany: Samaritan Cancer Resource Center or Infusion Services.
  • Corvallis: Samaritan Cancer Resource Center or Infusion Services.
  • Lebanon: Infusion Services.
  • Lincoln City: Infusion Services.
  • Newport: Center for Health Education and Infusion Services

Community members are also invited to sign up for a virtual cancer seminar on this topic, offered in English and Spanish:

To get more information about colorectal cancer, contact the Samaritan Cancer Resource Center via email or call 541-768-2171 or 541-812-5888.