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Honoring Cancer Survivors

The first Sunday of June is National Cancer Survivors Day. This is a day that is celebrated around the globe. It honors people living with a history of cancer, celebrates their milestones and recognizes those who have supported them along the way. 

As a tribute to those touched by cancer, a couple community members and cancer survivors shared these words of encouragement.

You who are just beginning your fight and can’t see the end in sight – it’s going to be okay. 

You who are in the thick of it just forcing one step at a time unsure of what lies ahead – it’s going to be okay.

You who finished treatment and now feel like a shell of who you once were – it’s going to be okay.

Not because you may be fully healed, not because you will have a book-worthy story to share and not because there won’t be harder things to come.

But because you’re not alone. 

You aren’t alone and I am not alone and when we find one another through the mess of cancer we can say that to each other.

It’s going to be okay because I am not alone.

~ Cancer Survivors & Community Member 

Cancer is ...

Scary — yes!
Painful — sometimes.
Costly — yes.
Vocabulary building — yes!
Life changing — yes!
God glorifying — perhaps!

Cancer means ...

Facing the unknown — yes!
Many doctors — yes!
Medication — yes.
Difficult choices — sometimes.
New friends — yes!
A new normal — yes!
Trusting God — always.

~ Cancer Survivors & Community Member

On this day in June, the Samaritan Cancer Program has historically held an in-person celebration to honor the courage and strength of those touched by cancer. While the COVID-19 global pandemic has started to stabilize, the health and safety of our patients, their loved ones and our staff remain a top priority. As such, the difficult decision has again been made to forgo an in-person celebration. 

Despite the absence of an in-person celebration, the Samaritan Cancer Program will honor cancer survivors and loved ones in other ways. Throughout the month of June, cancer survivors are invited to stop by, say hello and pick up a gift in celebration of Cancer Survivors Day at the following locations:  

The providers and staff of Samaritan Cancer Program are inspired by their patients every day and are truly honored and grateful to be part of the cancer care team. 

For other activities planned during June, follow the Samaritan Cancer Resource Center on Facebook or on Instagram

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