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Techniques Offer Benefits Over Traditional Spinal Surgeries

Patients facing spinal surgery can worry a bit less and expect better outcomes than ever before, thanks to a host of cutting‑edge procedures offered at Samaritan Medical Group Brain & Spine Center – Corvallis.

Samaritan’s newest neurosurgeon, Esther Kim, MD, is an expert in a number of complex, minimally invasive spinal procedures used to treat fractures, deformities and other conditions.

“Minimally invasive spinal surgery is more than just a technique,” said Dr. Kim. “It’s really more of a philosophy. We take a patient‑centered approach when it comes to relieving pain, enhancing stability, restoring health and returning the patient to their normal daily activities.”

Advanced instruments and technologies make these minimally invasive procedures possible.

These include state‑of‑the‑art microscopes and endoscopes used to minimize injuries to normal structures during microlaminectomies and microdiscectomies — procedures performed to remove bone and soft tissue near the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Spinal tumors can be treated utilizing radiofrequency ablation and cooling methods to reduce impingement on spinal nerves.

 Advanced imaging technologies are also used to assist in surgical navigation and ensure accurate placement of stabilizing materials during procedures such as kyphoplasties (used to treat compression fractures) and anterior cervical disc arthroplasties (used to repair or replace cervical discs).

This minimally invasive approach offers numerous benefits as opposed to traditional surgery, including:

  • Less damage to surrounding tissue.
  • Less blood loss.
  • Lower risk of infection.
  • Better cosmetic appearance after the surgery.
  • Less post‑operative pain.
  • Shorter hospital stays.

If you experience weakness in the arms or legs, problems walking properly, incontinence, numbness or tingling, you may have a spinal condition that requires treatment.

“If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to seek medical help right away,” said Dr. Kim.

Esther Kim, MD, accepts new patients by referral and can be reached at Samaritan Medical Group Brain & Spine Center – Corvallis by calling 541‑768‑4501.