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PET & CT Imaging Access Expanding in Lincoln County

Beginning in mid-July, PET/CT diagnostic imaging services will be expanded in Lincoln County. This will provide increased access to a powerful tool that physicians can use to help diagnose and treat patients who have cancer or other diseases.

For the past several years, patients at the coast could receive these services a few days a month at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital only. With the expansion of mobile PET/CT services, this important service will also be offered at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital and the days of service at the Lincoln City hospital will be increased.

“This state-of-the-art imaging technology provides our patients’ health care team with the information needed for a fast, accurate diagnosis,” said Jennifer Miller, director of Diagnostic Imaging at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital. “By having two locations in Lincoln County, we can significantly increase access to this important service while also alleviating some of the stress associated with traveling outside of your own community for medical testing.”

With the addition of PET/CT services in Newport, Samaritan Health Services now offers this latest in diagnostic imaging technology at all five of its hospitals – in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Lincoln City and Newport.

The unique capability of a PET/CT scan is its ability to detect the spread of disease or illness in the brain and body and provide physicians with potentially life-saving information.

“Medical imaging technology continues to evolve. Using mobile PET/CT units ensures that our physicians have the tools they need to serve our community,” Miller said.

Today’s PET/CT scanners incorporate the best elements of computed tomography (CT) and the latest techniques for metabolic analysis, positron emission tomography (PET), into a single unit. The PET/CT process can determine the metabolic activity of tumor cells. The combined anatomical and metabolic images greatly assist radiologists and oncologists in selecting the best treatment for each patient.

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