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Veterans Photo Exhibit Opens at Arts Center

Through a Veteran’s Lens photo exhibit  highlights photographic works from Benton, Lincoln and Linn County Veterans. The exhibit is a partnership between The Arts Center, Samaritan ArtsCare, Samaritan Veterans Outreach and Red Feather Ranch. 

Through a Veteran’s Lens celebrates artistic expressions of veterans and their loved ones, through photographs. Throughout 2022, workshops led by professional photographers and artists introduced various photographic techniques to the participants. Visit The Arts Center’s Main Gallery to experience the moving, yet relatable work created by veterans from Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. 

“This exhibit is rooted in the personal experiences of veterans throughout our region. We were able to give the veterans an opportunity to display their self-expression and time to hear their stories,” said Erin Gudge, program manager for Samaritan ArtsCare. “The cyanotype workshop at Red Feather Ranch was particularly moving to me. It was an opportunity to see a group of women veterans come together to create a collaborative piece of art. The experience was fostered by their connections with each other and wrapped in laughter and creativity.”

On Thursday, Oct. 20, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., an evening reception will be held in Corvallis at The Arts Center, 700 SW Madison Ave., highlighting the work of these veterans.

On Thursday, Nov. 3, at noon, Art for Lunch will be held with exhibit organizers and participants fielding questions.

The Through a Veteran’s Lens photo exhibit will be on display at The Arts Center from Sept. 29 through Nov. 12. Visit for more information.