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Mother & Daughter Create Health Habits for Life

Parents commonly strive to raise their children with positive character traits by teaching kindness, generosity and empathy early in life. At the same time, they sometimes overlook developing a healthy routine to support a child’s physical body.

Instilling a lifelong workout habit is one reason an Albany mother signed her child up with a personal coach at SamFit in Albany.

“I want to make sure they have the healthiest life possible,” said Amanda Rose. “If you set good habits now, they will carry them on throughout their life.”

Rose’ child, Gemma Monroe (they/them), recently started working with SamFit personal trainer Jackie Welter.

“I really want to be better with my body,” Monroe said. “Staying home, eating chips and watching TV in my room isn’t going to make me better. So I thought working out might improve both my mental and physical state.”

Monroe, who is entering their freshman year of high school, works out for 30 minutes twice a week with Welter.

“The 30 minutes kill me,” Monroe said. “Your body might hurt, but it’s going to be good at the end.”

Monroe’s workout includes cardio along with squats, planks and pushups.

“I’ve been feeling better about myself,” Monroe said. “I’m getting stronger, and I’ve actually noticed improvement on my grip.”

“Getting active and moving around releases all those endorphins,” Rose said. “It makes me a happier person. I’ve definitely seen improvement in my mood since we started working out. I think it helps them make better choices as far as food goes and activity level. Plus, it gives me and my daughter something to bond over.”

The goal for Rose is to have her child develop a workout routine that they will carry the rest of their life.

“I want it to be how life is,” said Rose. “It’ll just be natural.”

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