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Samaritan Employees Create Community

Samaritan employees are finding new ways to be their authentic selves, show up fully, find support and engage at work.

Newly formed employee resource groups promote and increase awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion within Samaritan. Based on results from employee surveys and forums set forth in Samaritan’s Equity & Inclusion Plan, groups coalesced around four areas of shared interest, including employees of color, disability, LGBTQ and veterans. Other interests are also being explored for possible additional groups.

The groups are open to all employees and provide opportunities for networking, as well as personal and professional growth. So far, each group has chosen to use a shared leadership model. While they just started, leaders hope that by centering voices that are not always heard, they can bring about positive change.

One of the first outreach activities for the LGBTQ resource group for employees and allies was participating in Family Day activities in Lebanon as part of Pride Month in June.

Erin Crain, a digital marketing specialist who has worked at Samaritan for three years, is one of the co‑leaders for the Pride Alliance group.

Crain wants to create a safe and supportive work environment and to bring awareness that Samaritan is a safe place for the LGBTQ community to seek care.

“The Pride Alliance employee resource group provides a safe space within Samaritan Health Services for staff to feel like they can be themselves,” said Crain. “We’re working towards initiatives to be more inclusive as an organization and to support the community.”

She said participating in the employee resource group feels empowering.