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Starker Forests Inc. Donates to Newport Treatment Center

Philanthropy and service run as deep as the roots in an Oregon forest for the Starker family of Corvallis.

For generations, family members have held leadership positions in the local hospital’s foundation and auxiliary, and since 1993 the family business, Starker Forests Inc., has donated to Samaritan Foundations. The company’s contributions have helped to support Samaritan’s cancer care, capital projects, hospice services and more.

Starker Forests’ most recent gift was given through Pacific Communities Health District Foundationto help establish Samaritan’s second treatment and recovery center in Newport. In 2018, Starker Forests gave an equal amount to help establish the center in Lebanon. In addition, the company contributed this year toward state‑of‑the‑art mammography technology at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center. “

Access to quality health care close to home is essential to our community’s quality of life,” said Anna Starker May. “Samaritan provides these services to the communities where we live and work. As a fifth‑generation forestry business we are committed to the sustainability of not only the forest we manage but also the communities we operate in. We support Samaritan Foundations to provide our communities with the care they need to thrive.”

Earlier this year, Samaritan Foundations welcomed Starker Forests as a PRIDE Partner at the President’s Leadership Level. PRIDE stands for the Samaritan values of passion, respect, integrity, dedication and excellence.

“Organizations such as Starker Forests and their leaders are not only great friends of our hospitals and Samaritan Foundations, but they are also beacons of hope and healing for patients, caregivers and community members,” said Darrel Kau, executive director of Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation. “We are extremely grateful for the generosity and leadership of our PRIDE Partners again this year.”

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