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Use These Tools to Track Your Goals

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, the saying goes.

One of the greatest predictors of achieving and maintaining a goal is if it is tracked. And whether you’re recording with a pen and paper, an online program or an app, the important thing is to find what works for you.

While technology can’t do all the work, these free smart phone or computer-based apps can keep you motivated and informed of your progress.

ATracker — This time tracker can help boost your productivity and achieve your goals. With minimal setup, the interface is customizable. With one tap, stop and start the tracker and organize your day. — Set targets and reminders for your habits with this productivity tracker. With external accountability supported by positive reinforcement, sustain personal, career and health goals.

Goals On Track — High achievers, this is your goal management program. Set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time‑bound) goals with action plans and milestones. Supports personal and business goals.

HabitBull — Break bad habits or build positive ones with this productivity tool. Access forums and receive motivational images, quotes and advice. Create graphs from your data and explore analytic tools.

Habitica — Turn building habits into a game with rewards and consequences to motivate. A social network of more than 4 million Habitica users can help you improve health, fitness, school, work and more.

Habit Tracker — Get suggestions to help you reach your goals until you check off your to‑do tasks. It’s easy to set up and the charting feature helps you visualize your progress.

Notion — This flexible platform offers template options for you to customize and organize your goals. You can choose more or less guidance based on your needs.

Productive — Build healthy habits with weekly challenges tailored to help you improve your life. Fully customizable, this app tracks your tasks so you can achieve your goals.

Strides — Step‑by‑step goal setting helps to organize and track your habits in a flexible app. User‑friendly with reminders to hold you accountable and charts to keep you motivated.

Today — If you’re motivated by visuals, this simple and intuitive habit tracker helps you stay organized and build habits using behavioral science. Create a custom dashboard and measure your progress on a simple andA intuitive platform.

Toodledo — Improve your productivity by organizing your to‑do lists and notes while tracking your habits and setting goals. You can even collaborate with others and sync your data on all your devices.

Way of Life — This habit tracker was voted best Motivational App for changing habits. Features include challenges, reminders, charts and a scoreboard for feedback. Fast, efficient and intuitive, you will be able to see and act on lifestyle trends.