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Local Graduates Fulfill Career Passions at Samaritan

Cameron Vasquez began his health care career as an emergency department scribe, an experience that sparked his passion for emergency care and set him on a journey to become a registered nurse.

“I fell in love with the ED as a scribe. I was able to be right there with the doctors in emergency situations, but I wanted to play a bigger role in patient care,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez enrolled in an EMT program and was then hired as an emergency department tech where he was able to play a part in patient care including CPR, EKGs, wound care and splinting bones.

While Vasquez was excited to provide care to patients, he wanted to do more.

“I realized I really wanted to be a nurse, so I enrolled in the nursing program at Oregon Coast Community College, which is a two-year program,” said Vasquez. “It was a tough program but amazing and well worth it.”

When Vasquez graduated from the program in 2022 he was immediately hired into the new nurse graduate program at Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital.

“I love working with the ED team here. They are amazing,” said Vasquez. “And I love being a nurse and working at the bedside caring for our patients and comforting them and their family members with a hug or kind words.”

Passion for work extends across all of Samaritan, including in the thousands of administrative and technical roles that help ensure operations run smoothly each day.

Corvallis High School and Oregon State University alum Noah Seumalo was often his family’s “IT guy” growing up and has now found his niche with Samaritan’s Information Services Department.

Seumalo first connected with Samaritan as a student athlete playing for Oregon State’s football team.

“The team offers a program called Beyond Football that helps guide players in planning for life after college. Through that I learned that Samaritan had jobs that aligned with my computer science education and interest,” said Seumalo.

Seumalo joined Samaritan in 2022 as a systems analyst. He works 100% remotely providing a wide variety of tech support for corporate applications, including everything from login issues to upgrading applications for the organization.

“Working remotely can be challenging when you’re learning a new position, but I work with a great team that respects one another and balances a dedication to excellence and productivity with having fun together,” said Seumalo.

Additionally, Seumalo enjoys being part of an organization that makes a difference in the community.

“The level of satisfaction and fulfillment I have from working for an organization that really makes a difference in the lives of the patients we care for and the community we serve is not something I think I could find in a corporate setting,” said Seumalo.