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Learn About Breast & Bone Health at Wellness Seminar

At the upcoming Breasts and Bones wellness seminar, hear from experts and get your questions answered about mammograms, bone density and how to build your core strength to protect your bones.

This free activity will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 26, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at the Samaritan Center for Health Education in Newport, 740 SW Ninth St. Registration is not required.

Jessica Germino, MD, radiologist and breast specialist with Samaritan Health Services, will lead the program. Dr. Germino will show what a mammogram looks like, explain what it means if you are told that you have dense breasts, discuss whether an ultrasound or an MRI is needed along with a mammogram for early detection of breast cancer, and more.

From Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital, Mammography Coordinator Patty Harkleroad and CT Imaging Technologist Lindsay Atkinson will discuss mammograms, DEXA scans for bone density and how to maintain bone density.

To finish the seminar, Holly Romero, a local yoga therapist, will demonstrate how traditional yoga poses can be updated to focus on bone density and core stability. Seminar participants are welcome to practice the yoga poses with Romero, but participation is optional.

For information, contact Amy Conner at 541-574-4952.