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Albany Hospital Celebrates 1,000 Robotic Surgery Cases

In February 2021, Samaritan Albany General Hospital introduced the da Vinci Xi with the E-100 generator robot to assist with laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgeries. Fast forward over two years later, on September 27, 2023 the surgery team celebrated their 1,000 robotic-assisted surgery.

“This remarkable milestone highlights the incredible potential of robotic-assisted surgery,” said April Jensen, DO, general surgeon. “Our surgery team is elated to have reached 1,000 surgeries and we look forward to many more successful surgeries.”

This cutting-edge technology provides the latest advancements the medical field has to offer. The robot has a fully integrated suite that controls light, video and equipment through a computer interface. It allows surgeons the ability to perform more complex procedures and provides benefits to both patients and surgeons.

“This technology allows us to perform surgeries that are less painful, requires fewer narcotics, offers shorter hospital stays, has less conversions and less readmissions,” said Dr. Jensen. “All of these benefits help our patients recover quicker so they can get back to normal activities faster.”

Robotic-assisted surgery allows surgeons to see better with 10x magnification in 3D and use fully wristed articulating instruments with energy for precise movements and dissection. It also creates an ergonomic environment which helps reduce fatigue throughout the day and extend the longevity of a doctor’s career.

Procedures using the robot include bariatric, hernia and colorectal surgeries, as well as urologic and gynecologic procedures. The hospital currently has 13 surgeons trained on the da Vinci robot:

  • Frederic Bahnson, MD – general surgery.
  • Julio Bird, MD – bariatric surgery.
  • Paul Daskalos, DO – gynecologic surgery, obstetrics.
  • Daniel Dowswell, DO – gynecologic surgery, obstetrics.
  • Sara Fassio, DO – gynecologic surgery.
  • April Jensen, DO – general surgery.
  • Erika La Vella, DO, FASMBS – bariatric surgery, general surgery.
  • Layron Long, MD – urology.
  • Angelina Pearson, DO – gynecologic surgery.
  • Marie Ray, MD – general surgery.
  • Peter “Andrew” Sweeny, DO – general surgery.
  • Leonel Trujillo, DO – gynecologic surgery, obstetrics.
  • Kathleen Yang, MD – gynecologic surgery.