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Samaritan's 2020 Financial Performance

Samaritan, a nonprofit organization, is committed to transparency and sharing information impacting our community.

In 2020, Samaritan generated $1,339.1 million in revenue and $1,283.5 million in operating expenses.

  • + $1,339.1 million in Revenue
  • - $1,283.5 million in Expenses
  • = $55.6 million in Net Income

SHS Team In 2020, Samaritan employed approximately 4,600 FTE, paying $545.0 million in salaries and benefits — that’s $1.4 million each day.

Local Vendors Payments to local vendors (in Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties) were $59 million – that’s $161,000 each day.

We Love Our Oregon Communities Samaritan paid county property taxes of $969,000.

Care for the Underserved

In 2020, Samaritan provided $126.6 million in charitable care and local community health benefits, including medical care for low income people and those on other government programs, such as Medicare. This includes unreimbursed costs of care, as follows:

  • Charity care services = $12,516,000.
  • Medicaid services, after reimbursement = $28,081,000.
  • Medicare services, after reimbursement = $47,641,000.
  • Other public services, after reimbursement = $5,803,000.

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